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India is currently on a path of economic progress and the government has taken various steps to eradicate poverty, however, a large section of the population remains impoverished.
This country holds one of the highest percentages of children living in poverty. It is an alarming fact that needs urgent addressing.

To ensure the progress of our social and economic development, especially for the marginalized, NGOs play a significant role in advocating and bringing positive change in society. Several NGOs offer volunteering opportunities that aid in personal and professional development and help in achieving social awareness and sensitivity towards society.

Udayan Care is a unique non-profit organization that focuses on youth and women’s skill development and employability. Volunteering is one of the key factors which has helped Udayan Care scale its programs significantly.

It offers several opportunities such as online volunteering, mentorship programs, volunteering for children in childcare homes, etc. It caters to students, working professionals, corporates, and foreign volunteers.



Here’s how you can explore volunteering opportunities with Udayan Care:

Corporate Volunteering in NGOs

Udayan Care has numerous programs for working professionals to provide volunteering opportunities. It works to create a platform to host corporate social responsibility endeavours. The girls from Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program get an exposure to gather a sense of professional life via its corporate engagement programs.

This program acts as a bridge between the Corporates and Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programs. It introduces mentors from reputed corporate companies to girls enrolled in the program. Girls meet working professionals who act as their mentors. They gain exposure to the professional world that can help them make informed choices in the future.

Companies like Genpact and TATA have worked with Udayan Care and assisted them in various areas such as data entry, website development, training programs, fundraising, MIS system development, etc.


Volunteering in NGOs via Internships

Volunteering in an NGO is not only socially enriching but is also professionally rewarding. Udayan Care provides volunteering opportunities for interns via its internship program. It offers an opportunity for students to gain exposure to the not-for-profit sector. If you are a student seeking internship experience, this is the perfect organization to upscale your skill sets.

This program is available for students enrolled in college. If there is an internship requirement from your college or university then one needs a formal letter from the organization to be submitted as a part of the course requirements.

Students looking to gain personal experience can also apply for such opportunities by filling out an application form available on the website.


Mentorship Volunteering Opportunities

Mentorship is a crucial aspect of any NGO. Udayan Care is no exception. It provides volunteering opportunities to individuals who can fulfil the role of a guide in a young girl’s life.

Udayan Care offers scholarships to girls via its Udayan Shalini Fellowship Program. You can apply to be a mentor to such girls. Some of your duties will include providing professional advice and/along with emotional and psychological support to young Shalinis. A mentor is required to devote at least six hours per month to the assigned student.


International Volunteering Opportunities

Udayan Care also offers opportunities for foreign nationals to share their culture, experience, and knowledge with the children. The overseas volunteers can help with the Udayan Shalini Fellowship (USF) program and get involved with Udayan Ghar children. They can also assist the organization in raising funds, management, communications, research, etc.

Many people have volunteered with Udayan Care from across the globe including Singapore, USA, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark, and Singapore.


Online Volunteering Opportunities

Not everyone can make time for volunteering in an NGO, physically. Therefore, Udayan provides online volunteering opportunities without the hassle of traveling and time limitations and you would only require a computer with an internet connection.

It is a unique opportunity as it helps students, executives, or homemakers residing anywhere to volunteer from the comfort of their homes. Some of the fields you can employ your expertise through online volunteering are law, design, content marketing, research, program management, etc.

Short-term Volunteering opportunities

If you do not have ample time to commit but want to contribute to the righteous mission of child and youth development, Udayan Care offers short-term volunteering opportunities. This way, you can gain exposure to the non-profit sector and learn valuable skills.

Volunteering in an NGO is a rewarding experience. Udayan Care provides volunteering opportunities in numerous fields suitable for different people and professionals. Sign up to work as a volunteer today.


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