Skill Development and Livelihood for Women and Youth


Skill development is one of the most important factors in job creation around the world. India is unique with 60% of its population belonging to the young age group. However, the immense potential for generating a skilled workforce in India has not been realized as only 10% of the fresh graduates are employable

There is a dearth of resources as the majority of the educational institutions focus on traditional learning rather than training their students in technical and professional skills. The private centers providing such training are either expensive or non-accessible to the women and youth belonging to the lower strata of society.

Skill development has many advantages such as increasing the proficiency and skill sets of the workforce. It can lead to non-traditional employment opportunities for women and youth. An individual can make use of his/her talent and knowledge to gain financial independence when trained in appropriate skills.

The programs aimed at educating underprivileged youth do not achieve their purpose without proper work opportunities. We need to realize that merely facilitating the young boys and girls to receive an education is not enough. Once educated, they should be able to work and excel financially.


Udayan Care- Supporting the Skill Development of Women and Youth

Udayan Care is a charitable trust that works to transform young lives through family care, education, skill development, and advocacy. One might ask, there are numerous welfare schemes run either by the government or independent bodies, what is different about Udayan Care?

Udayan Care understands the role of skill development in improving the livelihood chances of women and the youth belonging to underprivileged communities. It focuses on training young minds in technical and professional fields to make them financially independent.

Udayan Care Information Technology (UCIT) Programme, launched in 2004, provides a platform for youth to train in technical and vocational skills. It empowers them through digital literacy by teaching courses like graphic designing, accounting, desktop publishing, and many more.

UCIT programme is empanelled with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) which helps it to train youth in technical skills and place them in relevant entry-level jobs for their livelihood. UCIT aims to enrol 5000 young adults in three years with 70% placement offers.

The programme is unique as it focuses on the lesser known and disadvantaged communities living in slums, resettlement colonies, and other low-income areas, with a strong focus on youth and women. It ensures gender equality by making sure half of its enrollees are women.


Udayan Care has also opened two Skill Centres in Greater Noida and Pauri, Uttarakhand to train underprivileged women in different skills like stitching, beauty therapy, enamelled products, pottery and paper craft, computer-aided pattern making and graphic designing.

These Skill Centres are aimed at training the women in employable skills for financial independence and boosting their confidence to face the world. These also provide a platform for the women to let their creativity flow and develop new ideas.

The products made in these Skill Centres are marketed under the brand name Sukriti- the Hindi word for ‘beautiful creations.’ In addition to serving as a platform for providing financial assistance to women, it is focused on the core eco-friendly values of zero-waste and recycling.

To succeed in the 21st-century labour market, one needs a comprehensive skill set of cognitive skills, socio-economical skills, technical skills, and digital skills. Developing these skills can reduce unemployment and improve the standards of living. Programmes like UCIT and Udayan Care Skill Centres contribute immensely to elevating the status of women and disadvantaged youth. These act as a medium to create and innovate; empowering women and youth to become future leaders and entrepreneurs.

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