Testimonial By Nidhi Bhatia - Sr. Prgm Coordinator

This got me thinking about how true and apt this quote actually was and how perfectly it suits Mr Deepak Sharma, or rather Deepak sir to us and Deepak’s uncle for the Shalini of the Udayan Shalini Fellowship programme.
He is one person anyone would like to look up to; and he is someone one can idolise, too. He possesses a unique ability or talent, which makes him capable of teaching something to others.
I met him on the day of my interview at the Udayan Care Head office. My first impression of him was that of a senior person with lots of experience. He interviewed me for the post of programme coordinator for the Udayan Shalini Fellowship.
It was there, during the interview, that I got a glimpse of the person that he is: someone who thinks about bringing a change to the not-so-privileged deserving girls, and I could easily understand his dedication to social work when he provided me with a brief of Udayan Care.
Later on, I experienced more instances where he worked without any condition for the shavings and other children at the Udayan Care home.
Not only could I see his love towards other human beings but could also experience it personally when he asked me about my well-being on many instances when I wasn’t keeping well. In fact, he often asks me about the well-being of my family members too. He wishes good health to everyone with words which clearly indicate his caring nature.
Nobody is perfect and no one will ever be. I believe that there is no harm in stating the obvious, and as clichéd as it sounds, I must admit that I learn something new – the good, the bad and the ugly – daily. I keep a belief in learning the best out of anyone, anything, and in any situation.
Mr Deepak Sharma is one person from whom I would like to learn how to care for people without any condition as well as be strict and to the point whenever needed.
Watching him, I also learnt how to be straightforward and true in life. It’s been three years that I have been working with him, and he has always been a guide and a mentor rather than a boss.
From the exterior, he seems to be a very strict person, but you can always look up to him for any guidance and support that you would need. He is a perfectionist who wants things done perfectly and expects the same from others; he finds happiness in your accomplishments, and always gives you your due share of the credit.
There are instances where I have experienced his anger as well, when I couldn’t provide the desired result, but it was never in a way to discourage me, but rather to help me improve myself so that I could do better. From my first day with him at Udayan Care, he has always shown confidence in me, be it my first report or my first event; he was always there for me, guiding me in every step and providing me with the liberty to work independently, too. He always values everyone’s opinion.
“You only make mistakes when you work, and that’s how you learn to be better.” This is what he says always, which is quite a motivation in itself……Not to only make mistakes, but to learn from those and be better as well.
Although I have known him for three years only, in relation to Udayan Care and the Udayan Shalini Fellowship, I can say for sure that he has changed the perception of many parents of our Shalini who could not accept that a girl child can achieve a lot more with a little effort and constant support of their parents.
The most memorable memories I have with him is when he asked us (staff) to have ice cream on one summer day and to attend his anniversary celebrations. These small gestures of his always make me feel that we belong here and we all are a part of his life and family for whom he cares, a quality which is rare these days. I could feel the care in this sharing. Apart from this, at every event of the Udayan Shalini Fellowship when he comes forward to address the audience, his words and sentences always inspire me to learn and be a better version of myself.
Deepak sir’s lifelong mission is to help disadvantaged youth bootstrap themselves out of a cycle of poverty, lead a productive self-reliant life of dignity, and go beyond, to contribute to the greater good. He is the major donor of Udayan care. He always spreads the message that people who are fortunate enough to receive a good education should not have their creativity and resourcefulness handicapped by an inheritance.
He strongly believes in the concept of Learn, Earning and Return. On the occasion of his 34th marriage anniversary, he and his wife pledged 50 per cent of his assets, which will be utilised to help the disadvantaged and to poor, and will be given to a charity of their choice.
I am not sure where he gets his motivation from, but I am sure I get mine from him and would like to mention that I find myself fortunate enough to know him and get a chance to work closely with him.
Working with Mr Deepak Sharma in the Udayan Shalini Fellowship will always hold good memories in my life.
Wishing him many more years of success, health and good work. He inspires me, and I idolise him and would like to follow in his footprints.

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