Testimonial By A blessing for my better future - Tushar - Udayan Care

My life changed for the better since I first met him (Mr. Deepak Sharma), and thanks to God’s blessings, it is still going great now. He has and even now is playing a very important role in my life and of my sisters’ life.

He is like a father, who always takes care of me, my sisters and other children at Udayan Care. I have never felt alone since I have met him in August 2017. He has always been by my side and of the other children at Udayan Care.

I was living a very non-existential life in the years prior to our meeting, but now, thanks to his guidance, I am on the path to life of opportunities. He has always motivated me towards my goals.

I am really thankful to God and feel blessed to have such a wonderful person in my life.

Thank you, uncle ji.


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The first time I met Mr. Deepak Sharma (now I call him papa), I was a little scared just like every other kid at Udayan Care.We were all uncertain and curious as to what kind of a person he will be?

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