Testimonial By:- Mohd. Faheem Khan, Associate Director, Udayan Shalini Fellowship

In 2013, I got to know that Mr. Deepak Sharma has joined Udayan Care as Director of the Jagshanti Home for Girls in Greater Noida. I also learnt that he has taken voluntary retirement from his corporate job to serve society. I was amazed to hear that someone could leave their well-settled life and start afresh in the development sector. It was very inspiring for me.
I met him a couple of times in the initial days, and after some months, I learnt that he had decided to not take any remuneration from Udayan Care, and devote all his time and energy for the cause, in whichever capacity required. I was simply awed by his selflessness and the urge to work for society.
It was much later, that I got to know that his father, a professor in Aligarh Muslim University, lost his life in an accident. That incident left a mark on his life, and he decided to work in the development sector. He is also associated with an NGO working to raise awareness about traffic rules and urge the public to follow them.
I have always been influenced by him, the way he has managed all aspects of his life. He especially made the effort to move to Greater Noida, so that he and his wife could be closer to the children at the Udayan Care Home where both of them serve as mentor parents. His family is also a huge source of inspiration for him. His wife, who is still working, supported his decision to shift home from Noida to Greater Noida, though it increased her travel time. His son has always been a pillar of support to him. After seeing them, I believe that his family has been his strength, and he has been able to devote all his time to those who needed it the most.
I would really like to mention here that although he has one son, he never forgets to mention that he has so many daughters, who are making him proud in different spheres of life. I always knew that he is an amazing person to work with, his experience and perspective in any matter is invaluable, and there is so much to learn from him. I look up to him in my personal life, too.
He was the first to connect with me after my father passed away, and empathised with me. He said that no one would replace this irreparable loss, but then life has to continue, and he would always stand by me as an elder brother. These words meant a lot to me, and his support has been invaluable.
Words fall short for me when I speak about him, but just to conclude, I would will just like to say that it has been an honour to know him and learn from him.

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