Testimonial By Manoj Shrivastav - Udayan Care

Mr. Deepak Sharma comes across as a very nice and dedicated person, who is focused on his commitment and work. I have known him since he started with Udayan Care as a volunteer, and today he is our trustee at the Udayan Care Board.
One thing that I can say for certain is that he is dedicated to the cause, has a very caring nature, and takes things to a conclusion.
I believe initially he faced some problems with the working style in the development sector. But he coped with it by setting up things gradually, and by developing an understanding with the team, sharing his experiences, and improving the system and processes for a healthy work environment.
He came from a corporate background where everything was organized in a very systematic manner, while the development sector doesn’t have that kind of budget to fulfill all requirements, and set up the IT infrastructure, systems, and processes.
At times, I feel he is in a hurry to complete his work. He always talks of executing and implementing work on time. He is very particular in his work, timelines, and deliverables, and he has brought the same culture to the team too.
In fact, he brought in a lot of positive changes at Udayan Care too, especially with the working culture. He even introduced the concept of time management here. In a way, he became a role model for others by setting up milestones and becoming fully dedicated to the cause.
For the 40 girls at the Greater Noida home, he is a loving father. Personally, he has been the highest fundraiser for Udayan Care. He is very good at networking. He started his journey at Udayan Care as a volunteer and now he is one of the trustees on the Udayan Care Board.
I have known him for the last 12 years, fit and dedicated to his life goals. He is full of energy, runs marathons, and is a very inspiring personality

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