Testimonial By Komal - Udayan Care Daughter

Deepak Uncle has been more than a dad to most of the children and young adults. He has always come forward to be there for all of them. He did several good things for the children but his greatest efforts have gone towards supporting and educating young children and adults to facilitate in their education and believing in themselves.

When I first met him, I was a bit nervous and scared, but I soon learned how much of an incredible and sweet person he is.

One thing I wish they could change at Udayan Care is perhaps the children should be allowed to stay at home rather than be sent back to their biological homes because it actually sets them back.

There have been instances when children have been asked to leave or have been sent back because they have their families or someone from their families have come to take them home. It is back to square one for them. Their duration and stay in Udayan Care results in nothing positive because they have to go back and live the same life and environment they have been trying to escape. I wish something is done about this.

Personally though, I believe he came as an angel in our life, and what he did for Sheetal and the way he supported her throughout her journey has been such a memorable experience for me as well.


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Sheetal – Foster Daughter

The first time I met Mr. Deepak Sharma (now I call him papa), I was a little scared just like every other kid at Udayan Care.We were all uncertain and curious as to what kind of a person he will be?

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