Testimonial By Anjana Jain - Udayan Care

I came to know Mr. Deepak Sharma and his wife, Dr. Sunita Sharma when they started volunteering at our Noida Boys’ Home with the Teach For India program. I still serve as the mentor there.
They diligently continued their weekend volunteering despite their busy schedule. It was so pleasant to have such committed and dedicated volunteers helping the children. His perseverance and passion set him apart from the other volunteers.
Over the years, my admiration for him grew as he left the corporate sector and became fully involved with Udayan Care. He initially joined Amita and me in mentoring the Noida Boys’ and Girls’ Homes while still working in his corporate job, and then took on the mentorship of the Jag Shanti Home with a driven purpose, taking voluntary retirement from his job. This needs a lot of courage and very few can actually do it!
He has taken on challenges from time to time and deftly steered our aftercare girls in the right direction.
He is hardworking determined and totally dedicated to his work. May he continue his dynamic work with positive zeal, and motivate and inspire us to contribute to a good cause!

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The first time I met Mr. Deepak Sharma (now I call him papa), I was a little scared just like every other kid at Udayan Care.We were all uncertain and curious as to what kind of a person he will be?

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