Testimonial By Anita Singh, Asst. Manager, Jagshanti Home

I work as an assistant manager at the Jagshanti Home in Greater Noida where Deepak Sharma serves as the mentor father. I call him sir and he has been my mentor, too, and it would be unfair on my part to not acknowledge the many good skills I learnt from him.
I remember the first time when he joined the Jagshanti Home at Greater Noida as the mentor father. He was a smart, energetic person from the corporate sector with excellent management skills.
He had some attitude issues, which was in a way positive, but could be misconstrued as being out of place, too especially in the social sector where one might have to deal directly and interact with children and young adults. I guess it was initially tough for him.
We too faced a bit of adjustment issues while initiating him into the social sector. The staff and the girl students were hesitant to speak to him as he was new to them. It took a while for all to settle down.
That said, he tried his level best to get accustomed to the new challenge. In fact, he coped up with the new challenges very smartly.
He began to understand the limitations and challenges of others and started guiding us. As for him, he brought lots of positive change in himself, and now everybody likes him, respects him, and adores him.
In fact, he comes across as a very emotional and kind-hearted person, and sometimes people use this strength of his for their own selfish reasons.
He also brought in a lot of positive changes at the Jagshanti home. The girls of Jagshanti home have now become so lively and have no hesitation in sharing their thoughts and opinions openly in any forum.
I would like to narrate one memorable incident I have of him. This was sometime in 2017, when I was caught with dengue and was hospitalised at Yatharth Hospital. My family members were away at that time and Deepak sir and Sunita ma’am (his wife) were with me all the time. They would visit me every day in hospital and check with the doctor about my well-being.
I have huge regards for Deepak Sir and Sunita ma’am.

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