Testimonial By Amit Mishra - Udayan Care

I first met Mr. Deepak Sharma in 2012 at our Noida Girls Home, where I am a mentor. My first impression of him was of a strict disciplinarian, who had children’s welfare in his heart and mind. He respects ‘time and talent’.
He has always encouraged and motivated children by giving them pep talks, guiding them, and getting them the opportunities to prove themselves and do well.
I initially found him very strict and straightforward with the children, but he has come a long way since then. I saw a change in him after he took to mentoring. He only thinks of the welfare of the children and the organization. His commitment, passion, and dedication are something to learn from. Very positive and inspiring indeed. He is truly spreading sunshine smiles!

Other Testimonials

Sheetal – Foster Daughter

The first time I met Mr. Deepak Sharma (now I call him papa), I was a little scared just like every other kid at Udayan Care.We were all uncertain and curious as to what kind of a person he will be?

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