Testimonial By Neelam - Udayan Care Daughter

Deepak Uncle has been a blessing to me.

I only wish God had sent him in my life earlier, while I was still at Udayan Care. I had in fact moved out of Udayan Care by the time he had arrived.

His presence in my life as a father has ensured that I have never felt alone or taken the pressures of life’s hardships all by myself. His presence has always encouraged me to be optimistic and hopeful. His intense guidance and mentorship has equipped me to look forward towards living my dreams. He has always been just a call away and has been a solution provider to all my problems, no matter how difficult. He is a gem of a person.

What I find very commendable about him is his dedication towards empowering us and supporting our dreams.

One thing that I must mention here is that though I have moved out of Udayan Care, his commitment to support me has not become any less, and his unconditional love and care for me still remain the same.

My most memorable memory of him is of the time when I had gone with him and his wife on a family trip to Dalhousie. This was in May 2019. Uncle and aunt had taken us on a vacation to celebrate their 32nd marriage anniversary. I love trekking, and those four days I spent hiking and exploring uncharted territories with uncle and the rest will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Thank you so much for everything, uncle.

Loads of Love to you and aunty,

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