Testimonial By Shalu - Udayan Care Daughter

Deepak Uncle joined the Jag Shanti Home of Udayan Care in Greater Noida home as the mentor father on 3 September 2013. I was then in the first year of college, pursuing B.Pharm from Galgotias University.

Initially, I was a bit sceptical – about whether he would understand me and other children, our needs, and everyday issues. That was my first impression of him.

Soon, my doubts began to lay to rest as our interactions increased. He was extremely humble and nice towards all of us.

He was very much concerned about our everyday life – whether in college or at the home. Even though he considered every child at the home as his own, the children took a while to get attached to him. One of the best things that happened here after he joined was that he began teaching us at the home, much in the same way parents teach their children at home after the school hours. This also helped him to better connect with us as well as give him a better understanding of our (children’s) needs.

In the initial years at Udayan Care, I think all of us misunderstood him because of his approach towards doing everything the right way. He is a man of values and wants to do everything perfectly. But as time passed, people were able to understand him well, and everything progressed in the right direction.

My most memorable memories of him are when he attended my graduation convocation. I had got the first position in my batch of 2016. I also received a wrist-watch from Dadi (his mother) as a gift for my achievement, which I cherish dearly, wearing the watch regularly.

When I got my first job at Lucknow, he was much concerned about my safety and well-being. He even spoke to my senior and asked him to take good care of me. Uncle and aunty also came to meet me in Lucknow, for which I am extremely happy.

He has always treated me like his own daughter with lots of love and care. Whenever I felt the desire to start on something new in my life, I reached out to him for guidance and support, and he has always been there to provide help and support me.

There are a few good memories I still cherish of him – celebrating his birthday at the Udayan Care Home, which was like a huge family get-together with lavish food. Dadi has been a regular visitor to the home on such occasions, and the warmth she exuded made the meetings so much to look forward to.

Aunty would usually visit us on Saturdays and the talks were always a learning experience for something new. She was so polite, humble, and understanding and always treated us like her own children.

The best days use to be and still happen to be Diwali. Uncle and aunty would visit the home in the morning, and in the evening, we would visit his home for puja and dinner. There were a few times when a few of us stayed at his home for short periods of time. They treated us the same way they treated their son (Gaurav bhaiya). Aunty and Dadi would take care of the smallest of our needs.

I feel grateful to God for sending uncle, aunty and dadi into my life. Their presence gives me strength toward my future aspirations and dreams. Uncle has always motivated me to move forward in life, and I always seek his guidance before embarking on my new journey.


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